© Brosmind StudioBrosmind Army is a project created by the brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro (Brosmind Studio) and consists of an army of ceramic sculptures continually expanding.

The basic unit of the army is composed of 50 soldier Sections who are identified by a particular type of hat. Although the body of all the pieces come from the same mold, each sculpture is a unique object, as the design of the faces, tattoos and tags are different for each character.

Another peculiarity is that when you turn the hat, you can switch between three different face expressions.

The first section of Canotiers is available, and its name comes from the hat with which they identify, which is that ched with straight wings and flat top decorated with a black ribbon bow.

From June 25 to July 31, “Los Canotiers” and a limited edition of posters printed in GAP, will be exposed and on sale at Kemistry Gallery (London).