UPDATE (July 2021)

Five months after the publication of this post, Dicprinting has removed the photograph of our job, published on its website as its own and has apologized to us.

Additionally, they removed a good number of other photographs, which according to the manager’s words, also raised doubts about their authorship.

Original pic from our Instagram post,  unfairly "borrowed" by DicPrinting

Original pic from our Instagram post,  unfairly “borrowed” by DicPrinting

Disseny i Color on its website dicprinting.com, owned by Xavier Casacuberta Oliveras, has let us down with its behavior.

Once again, a company that has nothing to do with GraficArtPrints has used one of our works on their website, assuming that it is one of their’s.

This happened to us in the past but at this point in the timeline, we do not understand how someone still creates a company and does not take the time to make a portfolio with real work and instead steal images from other people’s work .

One thing is to download an image for personal use and quite another to use that image for commercial purposes, showing it as work that has never been done. This is provably to be called a crime but we would simply classify it as moral baseness.

DicPrinting does not respect copyrights no respeta los derechos de autor

The photograph of our work on their website

DicPrinting does not respect copyrights

Image from GAP on their order form of textured paper (sheets only)