and … we have a some reasons not to:

We have not yet found anyone who is not satisfied with the color fidelity of our giclées. GraficArtPrints provides a test print, free of charge, for the artist to check if any corrections need to be made before final printing. Is there any better proof that a real paper print test?

Giclee printing, although based on CMYK inks, works on RGB color space. The range and saturation that pigments provide, is very much superior to the traditional CMYK printing. Out of gamut or not printable colors, ARE by definition NOT PRINTABLE and therefore no correction can be applied after softproofed on screen.

ICC profiles that are used at GraficArtPrints are from our own production, periodically renewed and for exclusive use to produce exquisite giclée prints on our facilities.

We believe that softproofing, has a little point in giclee printing and may create confusion among GraficArtPrints and their customers.

Faqs giclee. Do we provide ICC profiles for softproofing? © GraficArtPrints

Simulation of “softproofing” in Lightroom.