Eva Florencia exhibits his pictorial work in Seville from 29 April to 12 May 2011.

In addition, she has also published some of his work as giclée. So we, at GAP had to sharp our senses to achieve the level of excellence demanded by Eva.

After some color tests, conversations, color tests, review points of view and more color tests, we got THE faithful reproduction she expected. The degree of perfection which Eva Florence faces all her challenges, has led her to edit these giclées on the most exquisite form, accompanied by Hahnemühle hologram and certificate of authenticity with extensive process information.

That is why we show the following interesting pictures that Eva has kindly allowed us to publish.

© Eva Florencia

Reviewing color proofs against the original painting.

© Eva Florencia

Comparing final printing against the original painting.

© Eva Florencia

Florencia authenticating her work.

© Eva Florencia

Detail of the hologram and certificate of authenticity.