Giclée Printing Services © GraficArtPrints
Giclée Printing Services © GraficArtPrints

What we do ?

We at GraficArtPrints are specialized in reproducing original works of art and fineart photography.

Giclée printing services © Santi EstranyThe digital printing method we use, known as giclée is based on printing small droplets of ink on fineart and photo papers by high resolution, large format printers. This process produces pure color, continuous-tone images without visible dots or patterns, as faithful as the originals.


Every good print, must start from a good digital file. Our Artwork Reproduction service is carefully performed ​​with high-resolution instruments. Further file optimization, knowledge of the medium and some craft on our part, leads to entirely satisfactory results. (See: What Our Customers Say).


Giclee printing has significant advantages over traditional methods, incomparable quality over other mediums, a wide range of archival media where to print on and furthermore, it is not necessary to print an entire edition at once but on demand.


We work with Epson StylusPro printers and UltraChrome pigmented inks.

While other workshops can use the same technology, we stand out by the experience we carry on giclée printing since 1999, technical proficiency, love we put on every job and the sevice we deliver to our clients and friends.

Although there are other manufacturers offering cheaper consumables, we at GraficArtPrints do not believe in “deals” and we only work with first quality brands. Nevertheless, our price list is one of the most competitive on the market.

The quality and treatment we give to the media used, knowledge of hardware / software and a consistent process on color management using ICC custom profiles, make each job processed by us, unique.