Artist Book

Artist book, © Jesus Coll

Something unique…

Being artists ourselves, we know how important your book is for you.

Our artist book has nothing to compare with those digital books produced for the general public. This book is handmade with natural, noble materials and pigmented inks for maximum permanence.

Design process

We can design your book for you or you can tailor it yourself with the help of software programs like Photoshop, Lightroom or InDesign.Libro de Artista GAP, © Jesus Coll

Will there be written text ?

If there will be written text, we recommend reviewing it repeatedly by more than one person with enough grammatical knowledge, looking for possible spelling or typographical errors.

Photoshop or Lightroom software can be excellent tools for a photographic book, but to get a high quality text output, you should use a vector software such as Adobe InDesign.

How is my book done ?

After completion of the design process, the book is ready for printing. The process is completely manual and each leaf is carefully printed on each side, one at a time.

Leaves are folded and grouped by folds. We proceed to the binding of these folds, glueing and sewing them together. The book block is under pressure for 24 hours for a perfect bond.

Excess material is cut final size. Then is glued: binders, headers, savers and finally the hard covers, which will have previously prepared with the material of your choice.

From now on your book is ready for use and only the final details as inlay, or embossing are to be done.

Detail Artist Book, © GraficArtPrints



 Each book we produce is unique therefore so is its price.

Note that we always start from single sheets DIN A4, A3, A3+ and A2. Hahnemühle also makes a special size 66,5×92 cm. for large format books.

As an example, we detail the approximate costs of the processes necessary for the completion of a book of 64 pages, 38×28 cm. Design costs, retouching or optimizing images are not included.


Double printing 16 sheets 100% cotton Hahnemühle Book & Album, size A2 paper.
368,00 €

Binding (fold and sew)

Folding, making folds, sew, glue, cut, headers, savers.
50,00 €

Binding (fan glued single sheets)

Gluing single sheets in fan style, headers and savers.
20,00 €

Hard covers

Create and glue linen hard covers in leather.
30,00 €


From this point there are several more or less luxurious finishes, as application of embossing, gold or silver stamping, protective dust jacket, matching box, etc…

Detail Artist Book, © GraficArtPrints

Letter stamping
Artist book cover example, © Jesus Coll



We provide free quotation once we receive everything needed for the completion of the book (photographs, text, captions, etc …)