Certificate of Authenticity Canson Infinity by GraficArtPrints

Information to be provided to GraficArtPrints in order to issue the Canson Authenticity Cretificate.

  • Author: Author’s name (s) of the work of art.Nombre del autor o autores intelectuales de la obra.

  • Títle:  Identification title of the work of art .

  • Reference:  Reference number of the work of art, in case it has one.

  • Place:  Place where the works of art represents or was created in. (City, Province/State, Country)

  • Date:  Creation date of the original work of art.

  • Edition:  Number of prints on the same size for a Limited Edition. In case it is not a Limited Edition, we recommend to state “Open Edition” or skip this information.

  • Web:  URL of the artist web site.

  • Image Size:  Size of the printed area.

  • Paper Size:  Total size of paper.

  • Canson Infinity Paper:  Canson® Infinity paper used for the printing

  • Inks:  Brand and kind of inks used on the printing.

  • Workshop: Name of the printing workshop.