Digital Files


Following are the guidelines for the files to be sent:

01Send flatten files only, no layers, no paths, no alpha channels…

02RGB color space is preferable to CMYK.

03TIF or JPG are prefered but can also send PDF or EPS as well as any of the prior mentioned in compresion mode as ZIP or RAR.

04Files should be at printing output, at a resolution of 150, 180, 240, 300 or 360 dpi (prefered in bold type).

05Files should have color profile embeded.

NOTE: Embeding color profile is a MUST if you want us to get an accurate color rendering.
Sending files in other file formats or settings may incur an additional charge.


Uploading files to our cloud is very simple.

01Click “UPLOAD FILES” button.

02Select your files in the traditional way of your OS by clicking + Add files.

Depending on your browser, you can also drag & drop your files over the tab + Add files.

03Enter your email address.

04You may write your instructions on “message” or by email.

05Click “Transfer button on wetransfer to start sending your files.