Each image received or printed by GraficArtPrints either as a digital file, negative, transparency or original work, is treated with the confidentiality and care that every work of art deserves.

GraficArtPrints, under any circumstances won’t print additional images, without the explicit permission of the artist or agents authorized by him/her.

GraficArtPrints keep stored digital files unless we’re asked by the artist to delete them. Storing files on our part, is useful to facilitate future editions with the same color consistency. This is a free sevice for the artist and is performed on a voluntary basis. GraficArtPrints can terminate this service at any time, without notice.

Sending any digital file, negative, transparency or original work, means the acceptance by the artist that in case of accident or accidental deterioration, we will replace or indemnify the value of the phisical container only. Except for this compensation,  it is excluded any other claims that may arise.

GraficArtPrints apply an embossed seal on the bottom left of the printed paper whenever feasible and aesthetically suitable, always that is requested by the artist.

GraficArtPrints ensures that every step of the printing process, uses only materials of the highest quality available on the market.

GraficArtPrints can not be held responsible for the final works, once leaving our premises, due to environmental causes such as water or light and improper handling, storage or incorrect exposure.