Epson Ultrachrome K3 © GraficArtPrints

Giclée Printing Process

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Analog Process

When it comes to reproduce analog works (oil, watercolor, photography, negative or transparency), the first step is to perform a scan or digitalization as we name it.

Once we have this raw file, it is optimized (levels, contrast, detail, etc…) to be the most faithful as possible to the original. A first test printing is performed, always in a conservative way to avoid destroying information contained in that file. Additional file corrections needed, will only be made according to client instructions.

The first test print is always free. Additional test prints are charged at 50% from regular price list.

Digital Process

When the digital file is provided directly by the customer, whether digital native created or digitized from an analog original, our routine workflow is also performing a test print. This free of charge test print, may be sent to the customer for evaluation.

If after evaluating the test print, the customer believes it is necessary to apply some changes to the file, proceeds to do so and send us a new file for final printing.

In the process of “Test Prints” described above, although possible, free of charge and included in our services, most of our clients delegate to our experience criteria to make the changes we believe necessary for a successful printing.


GraficArtPrints supplies hologram packs by the German firm Hahnemühle.

Proceso Impresión giclée. Holograma Hahnemühle

Each item consist on a deckeled edge sheet of paper with UVA security fibers, for custom printing certificate of authenticity, along with two holograms with the same numbering, one of which is preferably placed on the back of the work of art, while the other attaches to the front of the certificate of authenticity.

We recommend to every artist to personalize his/her own certificate of authenticity. The issue of this document is highly recommended in case of commercialization, as it will facilitate referrals to collectors and museums, as well as providing added value to the work of the artist.

Giclée Printing Process. Certificates of authenticity © Hahnemühle

Canvas stretching

In an effort to provide better service, GraficArtPrints also offers canvas stretching services.

Giclée Printing Process - Canvas © GraficArtPrints

Artists on Giclée

Proceso Impresión Giclée - Jesús Coll, responsable de GraficArtPrints, inspeccionando el proceso de impresión en una Epson StylusPro © GraficArtPrints

Jesús Coll, co-founder of GraficArtPrints, inspecting a printing process on an Epson StylusPro.

Greg Gorman, con un retrato de la actriz Jodie Foster y Brad Pitt reproducida en una Epson StylusPro © Greg Gorman

Greg Gorman, showing Jodie Foster and Brad Pitt portraits, printed on an Epson StylusPro.

Santi Estrany, en las antiguas instalaciones de GAP, inspeccionando la reproducción de una de sus obras impresa en una Epson StylusPro.

Santi Estrany, in the former GAP premises, inspecting one of his works printed on an Epson StylusPro.

Mac Holbert y Graham Nash de Nash Editions los pioneros en la reproducción Fine Art Giclée de Manhattan Beach, California, con una fotografía de Stephen Wilkes impresa en una Epson StylusPro.

Pioneers on fineart giclée printing, Mac Holbert and Graham Nash from Nash Editions on Manhattan Beach, California, inspecting a photograph by Stephen Wilkes printed on an Epson StylusPro.

Joseph Holmes, Berkeley, California, reproduciendo uno de sus exquisitos paisajes fotográficos en una Epson StylusPro.

Joseph Holmes, Berkeley, California, printing one of his delightful landscapes on an Epson StylusPro.

Photographs © by their authors and used with permission.