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Giclée Permanence

Print permanence depends on several factors, inks and paper used, amount of exposure to light and protection taken against UV radiation or pollutants in the air.

Therefore, any work exposed to light, it should be framed with museum quality materials and protected with plexiglass, preferably with UV filter, thus sealing around the perimeter to keep away from air, moisture and contaminants.

As a general rule one could say that the life of a giclée print will exceed the life of the owner, provided that a minimum of care is taken when handling, exposing or storing.

Water resistence of giclée prints on fineart paper © GraficArtPrints

Water resistence of giclée prints on fineart paper

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For further information, check the last test conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Reserch Labs, or download the following PDFs:

Permanence Tests

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