GraficArtPrints value their service with a minimum charge per order

Most of our clients and friends understand our policy to charge a minimum of € 50,00 per order.

Others, confused believe that we are going to charge 50,00€ extras further to the order cost and some (few) sometimes question the fact that we force them to place an order for that minimum amount.

This is why we would like to make public which is our point of view about it.

Our experience dealing with professional photo labs in the past, make us stay that we are very far away of their approach to the work they do. We understand that we do not work with simple photographic prints or reproductions, but with art. The concept is totally different . Working with art involves more care, neatness and much less speed. From our facilities we do not deliver anything other than physically perfect prints that paper does not show any sign of imperfection. In Hahnemühle already know us as one of their customers reporting imperfections or spots found in their papers. It is also fair to say the exquisite treatment received by the German firm in its desire to improve, replacing all incidents encountered so far.

Photographic laboratories work with stated sizes. The artist who for example needs a 31x41cm print., in the traditional lab, as the print is larger than the standard 30×40 cm., the artist will be forced to move to the next larger size, lets say 40x50cm. The same happens with other giclée printing shops based on DIN formats.

GraficArtPrints gives total freedom to the artists to have their works printed in the size they want to. Our rates (fair, we think) are based on price per cm2. of  delivered paper. We work in large rolls and custom sizes for every artist and we assume paper loss as something normal. Moreover, the commitment, enthusiasm and technical excelence we provide in every job, we apply this minimum amount per order, which is not a charge in any case, as it just can be compensated in a larger order of paper being delivered.

GraficArtPrints value their service with a minimum charge per orderAnother service that differentiates GAP is communication. In our case the written one. We prefer the written to the spoken as it avoids confusions. Our customers already know the speed, clarity and detail of our email communications. This type of communication, it is time we spend for our customers. A well time spent as it is productive and clearer to bring the process to a successful conclusion.