Valencia, 1981

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Valencia-Spain & Winchester-UK)

Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA Visual Arts & Intermedia)

Elena is tiny, she is hard one meter and sixty and is a hopelessly curious. During her childhood, she used to write songs and paint under her desk to create worlds hiden by herself. It took her a long time to show his first drawing because every time she felt like undressed in front of a stranger. She feels happy when she smiles and tireless while she is working. The air she breathes in feeds her by listening music and many nights, when creativity flies ,she hunts ideas into the dark like owls. She loves the smell of wet soil and starry nights with full moon. Her eyes are the color of honey and eucalyptus, and she has a lot of brown hair sprouting from her small head. Sometimes when she sleeps, she dreams that she is drawing, because she usually dreams with the things she does when she’s awake… because she has always thought that by having a pencil in hand and creativity, everything can come possible.