Life, identity, reality, status quo, intention and purpose.
From very young, the look of Luis Toledo explored the inquisitive reality, analyzing the hidden meaning of every image, dissecting the mystery of beauty.
That´s how, as a meticulous collector, he would gather grain by grain, illustrations, textures, and fragments from where he created and built his images.
Tangled, powerful and ethereal, each work gathers deep meanings.
His dedication naturally walked towards visual communication, developing into his actual work as a graphic designer in a first place, for the music industry (even though this is an environment in which his talent resist to limit itself ).
In the digital collage, he finds his favorite discipline, which lets him put together in a more effective way, each atom of color to create a vast universe.

Death, spirituality, necessity, beginning and end.
Death is just one more step in which we abandon the skin to continue our existence with another form. The liberating end. Another aspect of life, so vital and necessary as life itself.
The mirror that our eye escapes from, but nevertheless, charges against without remedy in these images.
The other side becomes visible, evident, melted with the reality from which was never separated.
Skulls, skeletons, insects, fungus, bodies with no face and solitaries expressions, abstract and geometric forms, all in an unmaterialized arsenal.
The reality ( material ) is obvious, monotonous and predictable. It is easy than to understand the fascination of the author for the none-material and spiritual part of life and how they are related and represented.

Time, past, present and future and eternity.
The definitive illusion follows its path in a clock-time rhythm.
We run desperate after each second trying to stop it, trap it, take it, use it. “ Time is gold” they say, but in reality is only a measure like weight or height. Your life is not the time that has been until the moment, of course not. It is necessary that we are conscious of the present moment, taste it, enjoy it.
This is an idea that is developed in each work with fraction complexity inviting the spectator to stop and appreciate with care each detail.
An attention call for the consumer society, and even more, for the constant images designed to use ans throw. Something that the author calls out : “ hurry kills”.
The brief instant becomes the key of eternity.
The use if images and aesthetics picked up from the past, mixed with abstract and contemporary forms, transport us into a un-timed territory; and in here, present, past and future mix in a symbolic reality.

Miguel Rosón