In 1991, when she was 18 years old, she began painting his works in an autobiographical form, using them to identify herself and provocatively  as she painted above and other man-made. At first, his signature was painting herself in different ways, but over the years and the emergence of other feminist similar exponents as Mademoiselle Kat, began signing his works. The male sector, also has helped to draw in their paintings, depicting them as animals for companionship, tender look and loving attitude.

The Poupees (as she calls them), are the main characters, a mix of women and girls, almond-eyed, combining fragility, while sensuality all that, through a variety of voluptuous forms that express various emotions. Her influences are the free figuration, Japanese artists, the “pin-ups” of the 1950s. Artists who most influenced her are Mark Ryden and Junko Mizuno and on the other drawings Vaughn Bode published during the 1970s.