My name is Antonio, but I leave my trail on the path of illustration as Shiembcn. Born, raised and retired in Barcelona. As a child I liked to dream by looking at the illustrations of the stories or the vignettes in black ink of the comics, they transported me to impossible places …

My life gave me different paths to those wanted in those days and my hobby to draw was parked somewhere in my past … The same path that diverted me in my youth took me a summer of my maturity to a meeting of notebooks, since then I illustrate any situation that surrounds me, devoting to that moment a deeper look, that makes me grasp its essence and allow me to do it a little more mine.

Accompanied by a notebook and an old box of watercolors I enjoy lost in museums, art galleries, antique shops and permanent or itinerant exhibitions. I capture in your pages any object that catches my attention to document it in a more personal way. I feel more comfortable drawing architecture and objects given my passion for antiques, and above all because they do not usually complain.

Today, among other things, I reserve the time of my daily life as a freelance illustrator and professor of Urban Sketching in several centers in the city of Barcelona. I belong to the collective Urban Sketcher as a correspondent in addition to having participated as an active member in the administration at national level for a period of two years.