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My name is Antonio, but I leave my trail on the path of illustration as Shiembcn. Born, raised and retired in Barcelona. As a child I liked to dream by looking at the illustrations of the stories or the vignettes in black ink of the comics, they transported me to impossible places … My life

Valentín Kovatchev

Valentine Kovatchev born in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1953 in a family of lawyers and diplomats. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sofia, specialty engraving, in 1981. Artist, curator, teacher, editor and curator has organized and participated in numerous exhibitions and art exhibitions nationally and internationally in countries such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany

Susana Rodríguez Fernández

If you want to know more about me, I’ll tell you that I was born in Burgos the year that man landed on the moon, I had a very happy childhood, drew and painted a lot, I studied Fine Arts in Valencia, where I met Leo, we discovered that best things we did were the

Sandra Suy

I was born and I’m currently living in Barcelona. Ever since I can remember, drawing has been the way in which best express myself. After completing my fashion design studies in Barcelona, I worked in graphic design area and later I moved on to designing prints for clothing brands. This reencounter with fashion and drawing world, encouraged me

Miss Van

In 1991, when she was 18 years old, she began painting his works in an autobiographical form, using them to identify herself and provocatively  as she painted above and other man-made. At first, his signature was painting herself in different ways, but over the years and the emergence of other feminist similar exponents as Mademoiselle Kat,

Miss Miza

I was born in France in Bayonne on 8 June 1982. I grew up in a house restored by my parents and surrounded by furniture f found in the 20s. My childhood marked my taste for old photos, posters retro and vintage clothing. And indeed, the “hobby” of searching for old treasures led me to

Diego Beumont

DIEGO BEAUMONT Pamplona, 1981 Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country.

Chidy Wayne

Chidy Wayne is an artist and illustrator based in Barcelona often related to the fashion industry due to his background in design. His art works are handmade and produced with pencil, watercolor,ink and acrylic for advertising, editorials, texts and portraits. As an illustrator his main intention is to offer to the media an alternative visual format

Ana Galvañ

Freelance illustrator based in Madrid. AD AGENCIES JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Zapping/M&CSaatchi, Remo, Sra. Rushmore, Wunderman, Murray, TBWA, BBDO, McCann, Studio Tomato, Superstudio, Jess3. EDITORIAL Wired magazine, Gestalten, Archive, Nobrow, DGPH, Floating World Comics, Ultrarradio, Autsaider comics, Off Life, Ferocious Quatery, Göoo magazine, Fierro magazine, Quimera magazine, Dos veces breve, Moncho editions, Grafikal magazine, Grazia

Alicia Malesani

Alicia Malesani, fashion and advertisement illustrator was born in Argentina and nationalized Spanish. Nowadays she lives and works in Madrid and Valencia (Spain). She has a Degree in Visual Arts, specialising in Graphic Design and Illustration, she began her career as a textile designer, then moved into the publishing world where she combined graphic design,