Princess of Light de Diva, WeArt Festival of Barcelona

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This time we present one of the exhibits of the WeArt Festival of Barcelona, an annual event in Barcelona’s cultural calendar, “Princess of Light”, Diva‘s last work, a mix of digital art and magic crystals Swarovski.

Valérie Brusauro, Diva, artist and painter of French origin, of an Italian father and Vietnamese mother, a mix of cultures that can be seen in many of his artworks. 11 years ago left his hometown to present their work internationally. She chose Barcelona as his adopted city. Since then she has participated in many art exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Berlin, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Dubai … and many design events worldwide. When her work became famous and was published in an art book, she decided not only to exhibit in art galleries but also thought that her work should be part of the lives of people.

The support used for this giclée print, basis of the final work, has been of the prestigious German brand Hahnemühle, Museum Etching 350gm2, giving the body must then be able to paste small Swarovski crystals, a process in which light plays a leading role. Thanks to the special properties of the crystals, which multiply light with its many facets, it’s able to bring light into her artwork, which form and color to her designs.

Impresión giclée "Princess of Light" de Diva

Valérie Brusauro trabajando en su obra "Princess of Light"

Valérie Brusauro working in her “Princess of Light”

Detalle del proceso de trabajo en la obra "Princess of Light" de Diva

Detalle del proceso de trabajo en la obra “Princess of Light” de Diva

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