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Certificate of Authenticity by Hahnemühle

Certificate of Authenticity by Hahnemühle


Out of stock

VAT INCLUDED 25 sheets box

Out of stock


Box with 25 sheets of Hahnemühle Certificates of Authenticity.

Each item consist on a deckeled edge sheet of paper with UVA security fibers, for custom printing certificate of authenticity, along with two holograms with the same numbering, one of which is preferably placed on the back of the work of art, while the other attaches to the front of the certificate of authenticity.

We recommend to every artist to personalize his/her own certificate of authenticity. The issue of this document is highly recommended in case of commercialization, as it will facilitate referrals to collectors and museums, as well as providing added value to the work of the artist.


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Weight ,5 kg
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