Re-Certification. Certified Studio by Hahnemühle

You already know that the best recognition to our work is the customer orders placed to us daily.

Still, we are pleased to announce that the German company Hahnemühle has issued a new document of “Re-Certification” of the Certified Studio obtained in 2013 as we have maintained our commitment of excellence in the production of giclee prints.

In 2013 we obtained the Certified Studio of Hahnemühle but this is not a perpetual certificate, as every two years is re-inspected by the German company to make a theoretical exam as well as receiving a visit of a technical support manager to verify our workshop still remains committed to highest quality at all stages of production.

Re-Certification. Certified Studio by Hahnemühle Hahnemühle Certified Studio program was created to support providers of professional digital printing achieving and maintaining excellence in the production of art prints and aims to inform international artists, where they can print real fineart impressions globally, in case you need to move -or they choose to print logistically issues in a given country.

We emphasize that the process is done free of charge, as impartial as possible (according to the German manufacturer), without other commercial interests than a fair promotion of the brand and the excellence in the work well done.