Epson SureColor SC-P9500 at GraficArtPrints

We inform you that we have removed the minimum amount of 50,00 € per order, in glossy, photographic, RC and baryta papers. that we were applying up to date.

It was time to renew our printer and this time we have opted for the Epson SC-P9500 in which, finally !!! we can print on matte and glossy papers, without worries on swapping blacks, as it has a dedicated printhead for each type of black: glossy and matte.

It has 12 colors, instead of the more than enough 9, we have always been using in GAP. We have not been able to choose, since this special feature of no black swap is unique to this 12-color model. This fact does not make us specially happy, since increasing the number of colors, has always seemed to us an Epson strategy to sell more ink (at gold price) than to a significant improvement in quality.

We believe that the use of these new shades of orange, green and violet does not necessarily mean that more ink is applied on a print and therefore does not make it more expensive. But it is extremely expensive to have these cartridges in stock. The Orange, Green and Violet cartridges are nothing but a mixture of yellow, magenta and cyan, colors that were already available in the 9-color printers such as Magenta, Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan and Yellow.

Epson has increased the number of inks, the printing speed and incorporated a dedicated head for each type of black, glossy and matte. But it hasn’t solved the cumbersome head cleaning process, when the ink level in the cartridges is insufficient to clean, but enough to print.

Epson behaviour has not changed. They put in headlines this printer has 99% of Pantone coverage while do not tell the amount of this percentage on their 9-color printers and just state as wide color gamut “Pantone certified”. Neither put in their headlines, resolution of this new printer has decreased slightly. Perhaps this fact, is proof that with nine inks and the previous resolution, we already had reached excellence.

Epson SureColor SC-P9500 at GraficArtPrints