GAP print your art works with renewable solar energy

We are pleased to announce that from a few months ago, we have installed a PV solar plant, which provides us with enough energy for GAP to print your art works with zero electricity consumption.

We have always been in favor of an education in responsible consumption and the sustainability of our borrowed place (The Earth). Finally, our political managers –Gobierno de España, in turn- at the end of 2019 and according to RD 244/2019, abolished (under pressure from the EU) the surreal “Tax to the Sun” and the penalty for solar self-consumption to which we all were subject to, being able to finally make real our long-awaited project.

Despite the fact that our solar plant is humble and recent, we are very satisfied with the production achieved so far of more than 1600 kWh and having avoided the spill of more than 1 tonne of CO2 into the atmosphere.

GAP print your art works with renewable solar energy



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